Evaluation and Efficacy study for using the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) in psychiatric clinics for children and adolescents (Bup)

The aim of the study is to test and evaluate how the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) from DSM-5 impacts medical communication and person-centred care between patients aged 16-18 years and clinicians (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). The aim of CFI is that the patient`s voice should be heard in such a way that it affects the treatment process. Thus, it is good reason to assume that the use of CFI will affect the areas of user involvement, differential diagnosis and planning of treatment. All of these areas will be examined in the study.

The cultural clinical context: The first clinical context to be included is Kringsjåtunet at Lillehammer, a specialist psychiatric clinic for adolescents (12-18 years). In total nine patients and three clinicians will be included. The data gathering will take place from Sept 2019 and onward.

Method: The study type is an Evaluation and Efficacy Study of the CFI, being inspired by the one used for the initial testing of the CFI in the field trials in the US, at the New York site (Aggarwal et al., 2015). The methodology format has a qualitative, exploratory design, following a nine-stage adaptation of the medical communication research process which was used in the CFI field trials. Efficacy is operationalized here as feasibility, acceptability and clinical utility among patients and clinicians. These areas will be elaborated through qualitative analyses of treatment documents and interviews with patients and clinicians. The inclusion criteria will be developed in collaboration with the staff responsible for the treatment. They will provide the first information to the patients and ask them whether they will participate. Informed consent procedures will be followed.

Contact information:
Nina Therese Øversveen Svamo, Milieu therapist, Co-researcher,
Mail address: Nina.Therese.Oversveen.Svamo@sykehuset-innlandet.no

Sigrid Helene Kjørven Haug, Post doc Researcher,
Mail address: sigrid.helene.k.haug@sykehuset-innlandet.no

Valerie DeMarinis, Professor, project leader,
Mail address: valerie.demarinis@gmail.com