Introduction 2022

This year’s Nordic Conference of Existential Health / Psychology of Religion will address existential aspects of the climate challenges under the theme Climate Psychology, Existential Health and Sustainable Future. During the two conference days we will engage in both clinical and research aspects.

Questions we want to raise are how we mentally and existentially relate to a global eco-crisis. What role do religion and communities play? Is our relationship with nature changing? Is there an ongoing sacralization of nature, and what role does that possibly play for sustainable ways of living? Does the climate threat create forms of grief – where we experience that we lose some of what is stable and secure in life and will have to live with a greater degree of existential insecurity? How does an insecure future affect our present life and daily functioning?

The conference also provides space for new inputs of a professional and existential nature, good conversations and cultural experiences. We are proud to have the Sami multi-artist Matti Aikio, who will contribute on Monday evening. Welcome to the conference in October!