Nordic conference in psychology of religion 2018

Addressing existential questions in health care

Honne Hotel and Conference Center
Biri, Norway 22 – 23 OCT 2018

We are happy to invite you to the 11th Nordic Conference in Psychology of Religion. The theme of the conference is Addressing existential questions in health care. Questions and issues related to the existential domain are often central for patients struggling with mental and physical health problems. Clinicians in different parts of the health care system experience the importance of this domain for how patients understand and handle their life situation. Still, the knowledge concerning how to address existential questions and assist patients in this area has proven to be quite limited.

The focus at this conference is to clarify the concept of existential questions, to provide some experiences in small groups on the topic, and to learn some techniques to work with these issues. Five existential issues will be highlighted: death and loss, loneliness, suffering, meaning, and responsibility. The conference is highly relevant for clinicians, researchers, and professionals working with pastoral care.

The main speaker is Sebastian Murken from Germany. He has extensive experience in teaching on existential questions in psychotherapy. Gry Stålsett will focus on the relation between awareness of existential questions and emotions. In addition there will be group- and plenary discussions and research contributions.

As always, there will be time for good talks with old and new colleagues.


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